Saturday, September 14, 2013

Planned Beijing Itinerary

If you didn't already know, I have a big break this coming week. It's for Chuseok, which is basically Korean Thanksgiving. It falls on a Thursday this year, and you always get the day before, the day of, and the day after off. Which means i have a 5-day weekend. So I decided to make a short trip out of it and head on over to Beijing. You know, China.

It was a bit tricky to get everything ready for it, though. To visit China, you need a special tourist visa, which is even trickier to get if you're not in your home country. But I found an English-friendly Travel Agent in Seoul that specializes in this kind of thing. So I filled out like 6 pages of paperwork and sent it in with my ARC (which couldn't be less than 6 months from expiration, which thankfully it wasn't at that point), my passport, and a passport-sized photo (which I thankfully still had one left over). After roughly a week and a half, I got everything back with said tourist visa in my passport.

The Travel Agency also set me up with plane tickets, a hotel, and a tour package. So as far as I know, here is how my Beijing trip is gonna go:

Thursday (Sept 19)
-Leave Seoul
-Arrive in Beijing at 2:10 PM
-Find hotel
-Tiananmen Square, which isn't too far from my hotel (and not on the tour for some reason)

Friday (Sept 20) - TOUR DAY 1
-Ming Tombs - Changling
-Possible Jade Carving Factory
-Great Wall of China (Badaling)
-Possible Silk Art Factory

Saturday (Sept 21) - TOUR DAY 2
-Forbidden City
-Temple of Heaven
-Pearl Market
-Summer Palace
-Acrobatics Show

Sunday (Sept 22)
-Leave Beijing
-Arrive in Seoul at 4:50 PM

And that's my rough itinerary for the trip!

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