Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tokyo Scavenger Hunt: The List

So earlier today, I had a Skype session with my two best friends (and one of their boyfriends), who were quite jealous of my Japan trip. During this conversation, there was a joking suggestion that they give me a scavenger hunt list of things to snag pictures of while in Tokyo. I accepted this challenge. A couple hours later, I had the list in hand. Well... on screen. Because it was sent electronically. You know what I mean. Anyway.

I decided I should share this list, as I'll most likely check them off the list during my daily updates, if I happen to do any of them on any given day. So here y'all go:


1) A Shinto shrine 
2) A Pokemon Center 
3) A Hello Kitty statue 
3) A Totoro statue 
4) A Japanese McDonald's 
5) A cigarette vending machine 
6) A Dance Dance Revolution machine (or some variant) 
7) A Ramen shop 
8) Mt. Fuji (a given)
9) A Maid Cafe
10) Shibuya Crossing 
11) Tokyo Tower

**Bonus: Random Sumo wrestler

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